Underwater Scooter, also called DPVs or Diver Propulsion Vehicle, is a excellent little bit of technology that entices all sorts of divers.

If you are a snorkeler trying to zip across the shallow reefs or possibly a technical trying to find your small bit extra oomph, there’s one in the marketplace to suit your needs.

So, what’s an Underwater Scooter?

Overall, it is a scooter that’ll show you forward in water. Divers keep your handles from behind and enable themselves to get pulled using the water at speeds up to 9 mph.

Scooters frequently means the conclusion to extended, tiring swims and air consumption, perfect for individuals individuals who would like to have the underwater world without added your time and energy. For people who’re searching with an adrenaline boost for the favorite sport, DPVs get that covered too.

With regards to the model they might be employed by children snorkeling completely to technical and commercial diving applications. They could enable the circumnavigation of a giant wreck in a single dive, and away reefs become accessible.


Underwater Scooter