Portable Underwater Propeller Scooter

Portable Underwater Propeller Scooter

$1,200.00 $999.00

  • SAFE: To avoid chocking for the beginer, the best way to do so is to use our SWII. Simply rest your chest on the kickboard, press and hold the buttons on both sides to start. Kid’s chest can now lean on the board at all time, the safest way to play with water for the beginer. Release any button to stop if emergency, safe enough. Designed for easy holding. Easy to hold and swim with, also easy to learn.
  • AMAZING BUOYANCY: With the remarkable buoyancy, which will maximize water fun for people of all ages, at the safest way. Rated to hold up to 100kg (220.5lb). Reliable swimming aid for all beginners, our product can help them overcome fear, enhance skills and master balance in the water.
  • 2 SPEED SWITCH: Switch between speeds by using the power buttons, easy enough. Fun for everyone. More than 30mins battery life, enables fun and creative play between family members of all ages.
  • PREMIUM PERFORMANCE: Innovative built-in DUAL-MOTOR, emergency motor stop with foreign objects. Industry sealing and waterproofing technology.
  • STYLISH: Eye-catching and award-winning design. The futuristic look integrates the principles of fluid mechanics and ergonomics to make it stand out in the water.


Item Name New Fashion Hot Selling Water Propeller
Input AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Output DC42V
Keywords Fashion Water Propeller
Waterproof IPX68
Lighting LED Spotlight
Size 850*520*280mm
Weight 22KG
Motor 20KG Power
Sail Speed 0-16 KM

Package Details As Follows:

1.Water Propeller x1pcs

2.Portable Water Propeller Bagx1pcs

3.Power Adaptor Plugx1pcs

4.Waist Floating Foamx1pcs

5.Instruction Manualx1pcs

OEM&ODM is also Available

Mini Water Scooter Operating Instruction

Model: YL—100

Operating Step:

1. Pace the battery into the battery compartment smoothly.

2. Tighten the battery cover screw clockwise.

3.Wear buoyancy waist and adjust tightness.

4. Attach the following rope, one end to the buoyancy plate belt and the other end to the rear pull ring of the Mini Water Scooter.

5.Press the power button, the power indicator lights up, voltage, electricity meter, speedometer display.

6. Correct posture operation, left and right hand respectively hold the electric boat handle, the right thumb slowly down to the CVT. Get comfortable with water driving.

7. Driving at night, turn on the left hand light switch, LED spotlights for lighting.

8. Release the right thumb, or reduce the thumb pressure, can achieve stop and deceleration.

9. Long time no use, please press the power button, turn off the power, at this time all instructions turn off.

Warning tips: For your safety, before using this product, you must wear buoyancy waist, and you must ensure that the two ends of the rope are connected safely. Lock the screw in the battery compartment to prevent water leakage. Please observe the voltage meter when using, in case the battery is low. When the battery level shows less than half, or flashes, or the voltage shows 32V, the battery is about to run out.

Mini Water Scooter Lithium Battery

Battery parameter: Direct Current 36 v / 40Ah

Maximum charging voltage: Direct Current 42V

Maximum charging current: Direct Current 10A

Operating current: 0—50A

Net Weight: 9KG

Warning tips: Pay attention to battery recovery, fire prevention, damp proof and fall prevention.

Mini Water Scooter Quick Charge Instruction

Model: YL-100

Operating Step:

1.Loosen the screw in the battery cabin by counterclockwise rotation, pull out the plug connecting the battery to the controller, and take out the battery.

2.Connect the charger output plug with the battery output plug, and connect the charger power input plug to 100v-250v ac socket.

3. At this time, the green indicator light of the ac power supply is on, and the red indicator light is on. After charging, both indicators are green.

4.The charging time depends on the battery storage capacity, and the maximum charging time is 2-3 hours.

Warning Tips: Do not use the charger outside the configuration of this product. Please do not come close to the fire source, heat source or damp environment when charging. When charging the charger shell has a certain temperature is a normal phenomenon.


Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 85 × 52 × 28 cm


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