M24A/4 Hubs driven

M24A/4 Hubs driven

$1,400.00 $1,299.00

1. Intelligent start switch machine 2. Motherboard with speaker 3. Wireless remote control switch lights, forward and backward and brake 4. Star gear motor, independent suspension structure 5. With brake light function, the light will be on when braking 6. The product is waterproofed, waterproof rating IP 56 7. Tire wear only needs to change the tire, no need to replace the motor 8. Can be customized according to customer requiremen



Item Name M24A/4 Hubs 4-wheel driven
Mainboard Material Imported maple wood speed drop board
Package size 1150*510*310mm
Product size 1080*440*240mm
Gross weight /net weight 30KG/24.8KG
Max load weight 150kg
21700 lithium-ion battery 10S/36V/24A
Range 35-40KM
Charging time 6-8H
Max speed 40-45KM/H
Gear geared motor 2600w*4x
Power The highest
Suitable runway Various runways all terrain
Engine number 4
Rubber tires size 200*50MM
Climbing angle 60%
Remote control 2.4G wireless connection
Remote control with screen. OEM available and the Light bar, spotlights, side light and screen remotes
Light strips and spotlights
Accessories T-wrench
Hexagon tool
USB data cable
Instruction manual
remote control
Led Lights

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 115 × 51 × 31 cm


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